Mission Statement


To enlighten the wife on our journey to financial independence and a life of purpose while also attempting to help others in the process


Dear Kibs,

  This blog is dedicated to you.  You know how obsessed & passionate I am when it comes to personal finance & real estate.  However, I’m sure if we never spoke of either from now til the end of time, you’d be just fine by that.  But I’m glad you play along anyway – secretly, you know you like it!

  Anyway I know you can only endure these “meetings” for so long so I wanted to start this site with a primary focus of giving you more details and better explanations on all the crazy plans we, or should I say I, dream up so that if ever you thought to yourself, “what were we going to do about racking up points for that trip?” or “how did the cashflow on that condo math out again?”, you’d know exactly where to look.

  I think we both have some hesitation about putting ourselves out there but I also think this will give us full accountability on taking actions to stay on plan and accomplish all our goals.

  Finally, as an added effort to help others with similar interests or those who just don’t know where to start, I’m hoping this blog can help educate & show others that personal finance doesn’t have to be super complicated and is something that you should have full control over.

Justin Sumulong

Husband, father, entrepreneur, investor, engineer, financial coach.